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Permanent position? At the moment we are complete, but it is not excluded that we are soon looking for reinforcement for our team.

Freelance? Occasionally we are looking for freelancers for suitable projects. Are you a media designer or 3D artist who can work with After Effects, Cinema 4D and camera work, or do you work as a conceptioner/copywriter, editor, director, composer, producer or camera assistant? Then get in touch with us so that we can get to know each other.

Training position? We are a company that trains media designers for image and sound. If you would like to apply for a position with us, please be sure to include a few photos or videos from your school or hobby in your application. They don't have to be technically perfect, but we would like to see whether you have a creative talent and a flair for image design. If this applies to you, we look forward to receiving your application.

Internship? You are studying media / design / creation and would like to do an internship during or in addition to your studies? We don't have any internships available at the moment, but you are welcome to apply for one at a later date with a few meaningful samples of your work. Unfortunately, we do not offer internships for school students.



Thank you very much! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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